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A piece of contract with a side of tablecloth? - How to instruct clients to scan documents neatly

Law firms have not been at the forefront of digitization, but we are catching up. These days, our clients communicate with us via video conference, e-mail and cell phone. Also, they provide us with their documents electronically.

Few of my clients have a scanner at home. As a result, they photograph documents for the sake of simplicity and provide them as JPEG documents. It is not uncommon for me to receive each page as a single document. The format often has little to do with A4. The documents are often photographed only partially and are regularly crooked. All kinds of backgrounds (tables, folders, other documents) can be seen around the document. On the one hand, it is time-consuming for me as the recipient to bring these photographs in order. On the other hand, these documents leave a bad impression if one has to submit them later to court or another authority.

I therefore recommend my clients to use a scanning software on their cell phone (e.g. Scanner Mini). This has the following advantages:

  1. One can photograph several pages of a document one after the other and save them in a file.

  2. The software recognizes the format (e.g. DIN A4)

  3. The software detects the margins, corrects the shooting angle and distortions.

  4. The files can be protected with a password.

  5. The files can be easily shared by e-mail afterwards.

I also use the software to photograph flipcharts and send them to clients after the sessions.

Apple App Store: Scanner Mini App

Android: Adobe Scan App

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